Stephen Lawrence: Theresa May orders review into police corruption claims

June 2, 2012 in Breaking News, Race & Society by UFFC Admin

by: The Guardian
published: 1 June 2012

The home secretary has ordered an independent review into allegations that police corruption shielded the killers of Stephen Lawrence. The decision by Theresa May comes a day after the Metropolitan police released the findings of its own review, which said it could find no evidence of corruption and that the force had passed all relevant material to the 1998 Macpherson inquiry.

Stephen, 18, was stabbed to death in Eltham, south London in April 1993 by a racist gang at least five strong, who racially abused him before attacking him.

The senior barrister expected to carry out the review is Mark Ellison QC, who led the prosecution case when two men were finally jailed in January for the murder after a 19-year fight for justice by his family. Ellison’s name was revealed by Stephen’s mother, Doreen Lawrence, in a statement.

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Scandalous police misbehaviour is nothing new

April 9, 2012 in Home Feature, Police & Prison Affairs, Race & Society by 4WardEverUK

by: Huffington Post
published: 3rd April 2012

The sickening racism that appears to have been directed at a young black man arrested by police in London, recorded on his mobile phone and published by the Guardian days ago should have rocked the British media. Yet, apart from the latter paper’s transient webpage headline and some powerful commentary online, few major news sources in this country seem to have addressed the revelations – or, more importantly, the burning issues they evoke – with particular energy.

This is scandalous in itself. Why shouldn’t a story that reveals a police officer was recorded admitting – or rather “boasting” – that he strangled a young black man because he was a “cunt” and later tells him he’ll “always be a nigger”, be worthy of widespread report – or more appropriately, widespread outrage?

And why shouldn’t it be widely known that this apparently brutalised young man’s complaint, when brought to the attention of the Crown Prosecution Services, was reportedly not treated as being of sufficient seriousness to warrant charges being made against the officer involved?

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UFFC to attend meeting of MPA

November 1, 2011 in Events, Reform & Corruption by Larry Fedja

provided by: Samantha Rigg-David
date: November 2011

MPA Full authority Meeting City Hall London 24th November 10am

Question to be raised regarding the Heavy handed and provocative policing of the peaceful UFFC march – 29th Oct 2011.

The following is the letter sent on behalf of  The United Families & Friends Campaign:

Catherine Crawford, Chief Executive
Metropolitan Police Authority
10 Dean Farrar Street
London, SW1H 0NY

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