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4Ward Forever The Heroes FULL DOCUMENTARY Free

June 26, 2011 in Custody Deaths & Abuse, Film & Media by PieNMashFilms

get the film and support families

4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES (58mins) The full-length documentary by award winning filmmakers Bill Maloney & Lilly Starr is now available for FREE viewing online. Dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in Police custody and their loved-ones who still grieve and seek justice.

The filmmakers previously released the following statement:

“There has to be a time of coming together, for all victims and their families around the world so that we can fight against these outrageous crimes. Not for revenge, but for peace and justice. I’d be honoured to make a film for 4WardEver UK. God bless all victims and survivors”

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The Trailer for ’4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES’ can be

Get Animated about Youth Justice

August 6, 2010 in Film & Media, Reform & Corruption by Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

originally published by:
The Howard League for Penal Reform
August 2010

Working with the U R Boss team and a professional animator, groups of young people wrote, produced and directed three new animated short films tackling the issues that really matter to them in youth justice.

Each film carries an important message for policy makers and practitioners alike. Get a real insight into young people’s experiences of early encounters with the police, the court system and life in penal custody.

Animated films made by young men held in prison custody, this animated short ‘Life Inside’ looks at life inside through the eyes of a young person who is denied early release in spite of his good behaviour.

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Film Released: 4Ward Forever The Heroes

July 8, 2010 in Film & Media by UFFC Admin

get the film and support families

Award winning filmmakers Bill Maloney and Lilly Starr visited Mikey Powell’s Remembrance Day, at the Highfields Community Centre Leicester in May 2010. Their company, Pie ‘N’ Mash Films, have compiled an hour long video of the event and broader policing and prison injustices in the UK and abroad.

The filmmakers recently released the following statement:

4WardEver UK, the organisation that leads the charge against unlawful deaths in Police custody, asked the filmmakers if they would document the day. Bill Maloney’s reply to this request was as follows;

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