The police must no longer be immune from radical reform

September 18, 2012 in Breaking News, Home Feature, Reform & Corruption by Larry Fedja

originally by: Andrew Rawnsley 
published: 16 September 2012

He did it very well, did David Cameron. One of the dimensions of being prime minister at which he excels is crafting the right language and striking the appropriate tone on grave or shocking occasions or, in this case, responding on behalf of both government and country to a shockingly grave report.

He delivered a model statement of penitence for what he correctly called “the double injustice” done to the victims of the Hillsborough stadium crush.

It is always easier, mind, to say sorry for a disaster that was someone else’s fault. The bigger test is what happens next. It is wrong to think of Hillsborough, and the disgusting conduct of some members of the South Yorkshire force, as a tragedy to be deeply regretted and then filed away as an event belonging to the distant past.

It is true that stadium design has been massively improved and methods of crowd control have become more sophisticated. Football hooliganism, fear of which was a contributory factor, has largely disappeared from Britain. So a tragedy of that type is less likely to happen now.

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Alder family set to lay Christopher to rest within weeks

January 14, 2012 in Custody Deaths & Abuse by Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

originally by: Hull & East Riding 
published: 7th January 2012

The brother of Christopher Alder, the ex-paratrooper at the centre of a body mix-up, says he expects to finally bury him within the next few weeks. Tests were carried out yesterday on the body, found in Hull Royal Infirmary’s mortuary, believed to be that of the father-of-two. His funeral took place in 2000, two years after his death in police custody, aged 37. 

It is thought the body of a Nigerian woman, Grace Kamara, 77, was buried in his grave in Hull’s Western Cemetery instead.

Richard Alder, 52, of Burstwick, said: “The results of the tests will give our family the confirmation we need.”

At the request of the brothers’ sister, Janet, 50, the tests were carried out by Professor Jack Crane, state pathologist for Northern Ireland.

Mr Alder said: “We are expecting the results in the next three weeks. After that, we can get on with organising Christopher’s funeral.”

Mr Alder is adamant that his brother should be buried in the same plot, where they believed he had laid for more than a decade. As first revealed in the Mail, the ashes of the veteran’s niece, Laura, who died in 2006, were scattered over the grave at her specific request.

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The Face of Metropolitan Policing (UFFC Rally 2011)

October 30, 2011 in Breaking News, Civil Unrest, Protest, Film & Media by Trevor Kelly

‘THE FACE OF METROPOLITAN POLICING’ Saturday 29th October 2011

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The original video was removed from YouTube.  The clip on display was substituted by UFFC on 3rd November 2011.