Father died not knowing truth about daughter’s death

November 22, 2012 in Prison Deaths & Abuse, Psychiatric Deaths & Abuse by Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

originally by: York Press
published: 13 November 2012

The heartbroken father of a York mum-of-one who died in police custody 17 months ago has himself died without ever knowing what happened to his daughter. 

Toni Emma Speck, of Huntington, died last June, after being detained under the Mental Health Act. She was taken from Bootham to Fulford Road police station but died after collapsing in her cell.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation followed and the 31-year-old’s family have fought for answers since.

Toni’s sisters Michaela Peters and Dawn Atkinson, of York, say their father, 67, died from a heart attack last Tuesday following complications with blood clots, and the last conversation he had with them was over his grief at not knowing what had happened leading up to Toni’s death.

The IPCC investigation finished more than six months ago but an inquest has not been held and the coroner has yet to release information requested by the family. The IPCC findings will not be released until after the inquest.

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Christopher Alder’s sister launches legal battle

November 22, 2012 in Custody Deaths & Abuse, Reform & Corruption by Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

all credits: ITV News
published: 3 November 2012

The sister of a former paratrooper who died in police custody 14 years ago has launched a legal battle after his body was left in a mortuary for 11 years.

Christopher Alder was 37 when he died at Queens Gardens police station in Hull.

His sister Janet has fought for years for justice for her brother and last year a coroner ruled he was unlawfully killed. But in a tragic twist of events it then emerged a Nigerian woman’s body had been buried in his grave after a mix up at the city’s mortuary and his body was left in the morgue.

Now Janet is set to sue Hull City Council and Hull and East Yorkshire National Health Service Trust.

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Hillsborough survivors: have claimed that “police bullied us to change evidence”

November 7, 2012 in Reform & Corruption by Larry Fedja

originally by: The Observer  
published: 3 November 2012

Traumatised Hillsborough survivors were “bullied” into changing their witness statements during prolonged and aggressive cross-examination by police officers, according to dramatic new allegations over the extent of the authorities’ cover-up in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Supporters have come forward to describe how West Midlands police subjected them to gruelling interviews lasting up to five hours in which they were coerced into amending statements that had portrayed the police in a negative light.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel, chaired by Bishop James Jones of Liverpool, recorded in September that senior officers had altered scores of police statements to hide the truth about the 1989 disaster, when 96 supporters were crushed to death at an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

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