F.A.T.A.L. Press Release: Have you been robbed?

October 5, 2012 in Appeals, Petitions, Reform & Corruption by Larry Fedja

originally by: FATAL Campaign UK  
published: 4 October 2012

When someone close that you love dies naturally, – it is normal to mourn their loss, to miss their presence in your life, and to eventually think fondly of their passing. Death after all is an inevitable part of life. We learn to adjust.

When someone you love dies an unnatural death, it is impossible to make that adjustment. It is a double blow: Not only have they died, but the way they died was senseless, unnecessary, abrupt, traumatic. There is no time for goodbye. This was not fair. You enter into a period of “numbness”. You reconstruct the events. You subconsciously reenact the last thoughts, and feelings of the deceased. You feel robbed.

Then as if you have not suffered enough, along comes a pathologist whose post mortem says something completely different as to the cause of death of your loved one.

The pathologist says that your loved one’s death was “unremarkable”, when you knew it was suspicious. The pathologist also says that your loved one had coronary artery or “heart disease” when you know there was nothing at all wrong with his heart.

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