Azelle Rodney public inquiry starts 3 September 2012

August 25, 2012 in Custody Deaths & Abuse, Reform & Corruption by Tippa Naphtali

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published: May 2012

Azelle Rodney was shot on the street in broad daylight, in cold blood, at point blank range by the Met Police in April 2005. This was a shocking act by the Met Police, who until now have not been put on trial. Azelle’s family have been fighting for Justice for 7 years now, and approaching 8. Azelle still lies in an unmarked grave because the police declined to cover costs for this knowing that in particular one of their officers killed my son.

It has been a long journey and Azelle’s family thank you all for your continuing support and are asking for you to circulate this throughout your networks to remind people of what happened. This case has not received the publicity it deserves throughout the media, but it is hope that through and the campaign pages this can be done.


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