Sean Rigg inquest: Inspector defends custody handling

July 22, 2012 in Breaking News, Custody Deaths & Abuse by UFFC Admin

originally by: BBC News
published: 20 July 2012

A police inspector in charge of a group of officers when a schizophrenic man died in custody has said he would act “exactly the same” under similar circumstances. 

Physically fit Sean Rigg, 40, was held by police after he attacked passers-by in Balham, south London, in 2008.

Southwark Coroner’s Court heard he was not treated with extra care despite information about his mental health. He died at Brixton police station in south London.

The court heard that Inspector Andrew Dunn saw a number of computer-aided dispatches (CADs) which referred to Mr Rigg by name, and that he had mental health issues.

But the section sergeant, who saw Mr Rigg in a cage in the back of a police van at the police station after he was arrested on August 21, said he did not marry together pieces of information that would have shown the detainee was at risk.

He told the inquest he was unaware that the man his officers had arrested was Mr Rigg, and did not recognise him from a description when he saw him in handcuffs in the back of the vehicle.

Dr Andrew Harris, Coroner for Inner South London District, asked Mr Dunn if he thought he should have asked the junior PCs who arrested Mr Rigg if he showed any signs of mental problems.

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