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For immediate release: Friday 1 June 2012


10am Monday 11 June 2012
Before Coroner Andrew Harris
Southwark Coroners Court, 1 Tennis Street, London SE1

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The inquest into the death of Sean Rigg, a 40 year old black man who died on 21 August 2008 following contact with Brixton police, will begin on Monday 11 June at Southwark Coroner’s Court.

Sean Rigg was a talented musician and one of five siblings. He had suffered from severe mental illness from the age of 20 and had a formal diagnosis of schizophrenia. He was living in a high support community mental health hostel. His family were intensely involved with his life and his mental health care.

Sean had a history of stopping his medication and falling into relapse. On several occasions he had been detained by the police under section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 and taken to a ‘place of safety’. Prior to his arrest on the 21st August he had stopped taking his medication and his behaviour was giving cause for concern.

On the evening of 21st hostel staff called 999 on several occasions asking for police to attend the hostel. The police did not attend. Sean then left the hostel and was later arrested after a member of the public called the police. He was restrained by the police, taken to Brixton police station and died soon after.

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