Family calls for permanent memorial to Ian Tomlinson

June 23, 2012 in Appeals, Petitions, Custody Deaths & Abuse by Zinzi Eka-Naphtali

adapted from: Ian Tomlinson Campaign 
published: 31 March 2012

Ian Tomlinson’s family [marked] the third anniversary of [his] death with the launch of a petition, which calls on the City of London Corporation to agree to the creation of a permanent memorial at the spot where he died.

With the manslaughter trial coming soon in June, the family have decided not to make any further comment on the anniversary, but believe that a plaque marking where Ian died would be a fitting tribute to his memory – and ensure that his death is not forgotten.

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Ian Tomlinson, a 47-year-old newspaper seller, died on 1st April 2009 after being assaulted at least once by officers policing the G20 demonstrations in London. He had been trying to walk home from work when he was confronted by police, hit with a baton and thrown to the ground.

Dramatic footage obtained by the Guardian shows that the Ian was attacked from behind and thrown to the ground by a baton–wielding police officer in riot gear.

Two days later Home Office pathologist Dr Freddy Patel concluded Tomlinson had died of a heart attack. Patel had previously been reprimanded by the General Medical Council (GMC) after he released medical details about a man who died controversially in police custody.

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