Anger at Met Police tactics on deaths in custody demo

November 29, 2011 in Breaking News, Custody Deaths & Abuse by 4WardEverUK

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all credits: Socialist Worker
published: 23rd November 2011

Campaigners challenged Metropolitan Police commissioner Bernard Hogan‑Howe last Thursday over “aggressive and degrading treatment” at a recent demonstration against deaths in custody. The activists from the United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) demanded answers at a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

See the response letter from Peter Spindler, Met Directorate of Professional Standards >

The UFFC’s annual march for justice took place last month. The 500-strong demonstration ended with a noisy, but peaceful protest on the road outside Downing Street.

This has happened annually for 13 years. But this year around 100 police forced campaigners off the road, including many family members of those who have died. Protesters were carried and dragged from the protest. One arrest was made, but no charges were made.

Hogan-Howe has committed himself to meet the families before Christmas to discuss their concerns. A majority of the police authority members supported the families’ statement.

Samantha Rigg-David was one of those putting forward the families’ concerns. Her brother Sean Rigg died in Brixton police station in 2008.

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Met police Tasered man carrying toy gun on train

November 27, 2011 in Custody Deaths & Abuse by Tyler Chamberlain

originally by: The Guardian
published: 24 November 2011

Metropolitan police officers fired a Taser nine times at a man sitting on a train in the belief he was carrying a weapon in his briefcase. The use of Tasers on a train comes as the commissioner of the Met police, Bernard Hogan-Howe, faces questions over his suggestion that more of his officers should be armed with the weapons.

Hogan-Howe said this week he wanted to see more Tasers in response cars and Scotland Yard has confirmed work is going on to review the availability of Tasers for its officers.

Hogan-Howe was challenged about his statement about Tasers by members of the Metropolitan Police Authority on Thursday.

In an at times rowdy exchange, MPA member Cindy Butts urged caution saying: “We will see ourselves sleepwalking into a style of policing we have fought long and hard to move away from.”

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Family ‘sickened’ at Christopher Alder body mix-up

November 6, 2011 in Breaking News, Custody Deaths & Abuse by UFFC Admin

originally by: Channel 4 News
published: 6th November 2011

The sister of a man who died in police custody has told Channel 4 News she is “sickened and disgusted” after a mix-up in a mortuary led to the wrong body being buried.

Christopher Alder’s relatives are demanding an inquiry into how the wrong person was buried at a funeral more than 10 years ago, writes Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel.

The body of the 37-year-old ex-paratrooper was discovered in the mortuary at Hull Royal Infirmary on Friday when a Nigerian family arrived to collect the body of thier relative Grace Kamara. The 60-year-old woman had died of natural causes in 1999, but her family had never claimed her body.

When mortuary attendants checked the body they found Mr Alder’s name tag attached. The police and a Home Office pathologist confirmed identification through two broken teeth and a tattoo on his arm.

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