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August 29, 2011 in Film & Media, Race & Society by UFFC Admin

originally by: 4WardEver UK
28th August 2011

4WardEver UK have launched a new online facility called Tweeters Daily.

This facility grabs news, headlines, images and video submitted on Twitter by our followers and displays them in a news-format website for easier browsing and searching.

Visitors can also sign-up to receive the daily updates via their email address from the facility.

We hope that you find this of use!

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Armed police stop and search Birmingham girls 9 nine and 15

August 29, 2011 in Breaking News, Police & Prison Affairs by Tippa Naphtali

originally by: Birmingham Mail
published: 26th August 2011

Two young sisters aged nine and 15 were stopped by armed police hunting robbery suspects as the girls walked to a nearby school to collect exam results. 

The girls’ outraged mother today demanded an apology and accused the officers of ignoring tensions in the area following the recent disturbances.

The sisters were stopped and searched by police in Church Road, Aston, yesterday as they travelled to the elder girl’s school to collect her A* GCSE qualifications.

Livid mum Sandra Golding said she was furious at the two armed police officers, who apprehended tearful daughters Kenyetta and Aisha in the street after they had been shopping. “This is the sort of thing which starts riots,” said Ms Golding, an experienced community worker in the area.

“My eldest daughter was told her description matched that of someone they were hunting for an armed robbery but the police action does seem to be excessive.

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Petition: Justice 4 Brendan Dixon

August 29, 2011 in Appeals, Petitions, Wrongful Convictions by Larry Fedja

originally by: 4WardEver UK
28th August 2011

On Tuesday March 1st 2005, at Kilmarnock High Court, Brendan Dixon and Patrick Docherty were both found guilty of the murder of Margaret Irvine.

Both men were given life sentences for a crime that the evidence shows they did not actually commit. Colin Miller [The Third accused man in this case received a verdict of Not Proven].

There was no physical evidence in this case. It was based on 3rd party hearsay and circumstantial evidence. Police recovered DNA And Footprints from the murder scene which do not belong to any of the accused.

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