‘March for Justice’ in Birmingham + audio appeal

June 26, 2011 in Civil Unrest, Protest, Remembrance by Larry Fedja

originally by: Voice Online
2nd June 2011

Thousands of people are expected to join a ‘campaign for justice’ march through the streets of Birmingham next month in support of Kingsley Burrell who died in March following contact with police. It follows a similar march held in London on April 16 over the death of Smiley Culture, Burrell and others, and to demand an end to deaths in police custody. Details here > | Map here >

Burrell’s family said the father of two called West Midlands police for help, was admitted to a mental health unit, then later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where he was pronounced dead four days later on 31st March 2011.

No explanation has yet been given as to how and why the 29-year-old died. His family says he had no history of mental health problems and was in good health. Yet family members said he arrived at hospital with physical injuries.

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by PieNMashFilms

4Ward Forever The Heroes FULL DOCUMENTARY Free

June 26, 2011 in Custody Deaths & Abuse, Film & Media by PieNMashFilms

get the film and support families

4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES (58mins) The full-length documentary by award winning filmmakers Bill Maloney & Lilly Starr is now available for FREE viewing online. Dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in Police custody and their loved-ones who still grieve and seek justice.

The filmmakers previously released the following statement:

“There has to be a time of coming together, for all victims and their families around the world so that we can fight against these outrageous crimes. Not for revenge, but for peace and justice. I’d be honoured to make a film for 4WardEver UK. God bless all victims and survivors”

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The Trailer for ’4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES’ can be

Petition for legislative reform in regard to deaths in police custody

June 6, 2011 in Appeals, Petitions, Custody Deaths & Abuse by Alison Leslie

provided by: Capaign for Smiley Culture
2nd April 2011


Statement from the petition authors

We believe that equitable dispensation justice in the UK must be done and be seen to be done if the general public are to enjoy high levels of trust and confidence in the fair administration of justice. Further we believe that all peoples regardless of race, gender, colour or creed should be considered equal citizens under the law.

Suspicious deaths in custody and the abusive process of investigation and judication act as a drain on public confidence and cause deep scepticism and resentment in the fair administration of justice. The poor quality and speed of independent investigations conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and an Inquest process that is not fit for purpose both critically fail to protect or support the rights of victims or their families.

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